Lifebooker: The Groupon for the Things You Need

I was going to discuss what I did with the money I made on eBay, but there’s something I think is much more useful. Next week, I’m getting a wash, haircut and blowout for $31.50 plus tax (original price: $69). And after that, I’m getting a Brazilian wax for about $10. How? You may have heard of Groupon, Living Social, Bloomspot, BuyWithMe, UrbanDaddy, Thrillist, Gilt City and even Refinery29, all of which offer either “exclusive” sales or group coupons that require you to lay out money to get, let’s say, one I bought once was $15 for $30 worth of food and drink at Amber Sushi. And it seems there’s a new site every day! They do have great deals, even offering amazing vacation packages. But they seem to come up when you don’t need them or can’t lay out the money no matter how good the deal, right? Or there are so many restrictions, it isn’t worth it. And they’re usually for things we wouldn’t normally spend money on, but the deal seems to good to pass up! Well, I bet you haven’t heard of Lifebooker. Unfortunately, it’s only in New York and Los Angeles. Not only does Lifebooker offer what it calls “Loot” (its version of the group coupon), but you can book appointments at hundreds of salons around New York City (and Los Angeles) for any grooming need imaginable, including injectables and laser treatments, without laying out money in advance. The $10 Brazilian was from Loot that offered three sessions for $29. The hair appointment I just booked online through the site; you just need to hold it with a credit card. It was actually $34.50 plus tax, but I had $3 in rewards from reviewing the other places I’ve booked appointments at or bought Loot for.  I’m not going to mention the salon that I’m going to just yet (I’ll let you know what I think after the appointment), but I didn’t pick it because the price was the lowest–the lowest price was $22.50. This is why completing a review is so important; the place I picked had 65 positive reviews.  And who knows, the salon you already go could be on the site. When you book, you can even request specific stylists or aestheticians. The Loot seems mostly to be for health and beauty essentials (at least I think they are) like personal trainers, boot camps and gym memberships; facials, massages, hair (including Keratin treatments, color and Japanese straightening), laser treatments (including hair removal), injectables  and…. you get the point. Sometimes there are even offers for home cleaning and organization services. For women, this is much more practical than a prix fixe dinner for two at a fancy restaurant; isn’t that what men are for? Visit Lifebooker by clicking here.


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I’m a journalist who likes to live well, but will never pay full price. In this new world of the Groupon et al., how can we get a bargain on the things we actually use? That is where I come in. I’m a single girl on a budget with a penchant for fashion, good food, and travel who likes to take care of herself in the process. So, I decided to blog about the everyday ways I save money while still living pretty well. Hopefully it can help you live life fully without paying full price!

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  1. Lauren

    Lifebooker just launched in Chicago and San Francisco too!!! :)

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