The Accidental Bargain

I think I’m just getting lucky these days. It seems I am saving money all over the place. My 100 calorie sandwich flats were on sale today at Target, reduced from $2.44 to $2.24. I made money at Jamba Juice the other day. They didn’t tell me when I ordered that they were out of the milk-and-Splenda mix for the Strawberry Nirvana. I went to pay at the checkout line (this Jamba Juice is in a Whole Foods). When I returned, that’s when one member of the staff told me they couldn’t make it. They made some other concoction (with more calories than I wanted). Then I walked over to customer service and told them what happened. I didn’t have the receipt because you have to give it up to prove you paid when you receive the drink. So the woman gave me $4 and change. I said I paid less than that, but she told me to just keep it for the trouble. Ask and you shall receive! That should really be the tagline of this blog. But I digress.

Some time ago I started receiving invitations to free movie screenings–for movies that have yet to be released. I haven’t participated (I think I can’t because I’m in the media industry), but maybe some of you can. I must have bought tickets at at some point. And its CEO Joel Cohen tells me that the screening program is part of being a member. However, there is a very small catch.

“The screenings are free of charge, but they are often research screenings,” says Cohen. “So, if you decide to attend a screening, you are sometimes asked to complete a brief survey giving your opinions on the movie you just saw.”

But you could have a say in the final product when it is released, according
to Cohen.

“During the screening, the attendees sometimes have opportunities to share opinions on many aspects of the movie, such as alternate endings, character development and special effects,” he says.

If this interests you, visit and register for free. The screenings I’ve been invited to have been Wednesday nights in various location. They are not nationwide just yet, but are in the New York metropolitan area.


About bloggains

I’m a journalist who likes to live well, but will never pay full price. In this new world of the Groupon et al., how can we get a bargain on the things we actually use? That is where I come in. I’m a single girl on a budget with a penchant for fashion, good food, and travel who likes to take care of herself in the process. So, I decided to blog about the everyday ways I save money while still living pretty well. Hopefully it can help you live life fully without paying full price!

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