Zigzag on the Cheap


Travel Tote, $49.99; Twister Carry-On Luggage, $169.99

I’m a little late on the bandwagon in writing about this, although I’ve known about it for quite a while. And I thought it was great simply getting little Missoni bags for free at Barneys! But very soon, as many already know, you may be able to own much more than a little sack from the famed Italian family’s knitwear empire. Yes, I’m talking about the upcoming Missoni for Target collection.

Sleeveless Sweater, $29.99 (Target.com only); Floral Blouse, $39.99; Pleated Knit Skirt, $39.99; Hat, $24.99 Space-Dye Tights, $16; Slouchy Bag, $34.99; Silk Scarf (tied on bag), $19.99; Ballet Flats, $29.99

I happen to own a Missoni bag that I bought at Loehmann’s ages ago for less than $300 (that is a bargain, considering it was originally closer to $900). It has taken a beating and I could use a new one, so the timing of this collection couldn’t be better–nor the price! According to Target, the line–more than 400 items in all–will range in price from $2.99 to $599.99, with most items selling for under $40. And the company says that it will also include luggage (above), clothes for both adults and children (left), accessories (shoes included; below, right), beauty items and even housewares (below, left). Everything looks amazing.

Pumps, $39.99

Three-piece Ceramic Puzzle Trays, $19.99 each

I’m particularly looking forward to the bedding and towels, tabletop items, rugs and picture frames (clothes, bags and shoes goes without saying). Although the only furniture is really a patio set, if I were to spend the $599.99 (this is the most expensive item), I would plunk that in my living room (below, right). But I’m especially loving the bike ($399.99; below, left); it would look great cruising along all those New York City bike lanes.

Three-Speed Ladies’ Comfort Bike, $399.99 (Target.com only)

Four-piece Patio Sectional, $599.99 (Target.com only)

The line goes on sale starting September 13, and will probably sell out quite quickly. There will be some items available only online. For those who live in New York City, I suggest you go to New Jersey locations (no sales tax on clothes at all) that aren’t easily accessible by public transportation if you want to beat out all the other fashionistas. I’m not giving out the ones I’ll hit; you’re on your own with that. (Hint: one is in a Hudson County town whose name includes the name of another county.)

Because I’m not going to download all 400 images, I’ll refer you to Racked, another great site dedicated to retail that has all the pictures. However, below are just some of the other items I’ve got my eyes on, so stay out of my way (kidding). Happy bargain-hunting!


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