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If you love live music and you don’t like paying (or paying a lot) to experience it, then you may want to bookmark MyFreeConcert. Founder Andy Meyers says he started the site in 2009 because, being passionate about music, he was getting frustrated with navigating the different Web sites for free concerts.

“The idea was fairly simple: I noticed that there were a bunch of sites that existed for just free stuff, but nothing solely for music. Because the free sites are more broad, they can’t delve as deeply into a particular area,” Meyers says. “Then I noticed that there were a lot of music-centric Web sites that simply listed everything. So I wanted to put those two together and create a music-centric Web site focusing on just the free and cheap stuff in New York City.”

Meyers recalls so many great events, but a few stand out for him.

“Seeing Kid Cudi and others with many of our readers while sipping on Bacardi and watching Ron Harper shoot jumpers was pretty ridiculous,” he says. “Or the Creator’s Project from last summer: a full day of music with free booze and food the entire time.”

And while the site is an amazing source for music connoisseurs to find free concerts, it also offers some pretty great giveaways to concerts that would otherwise cost a pretty penny.

“We have two different kinds of giveaways, the first being the ones that are run exclusively through MyFreeConcert. These are done with various partnerships and are posted to our blog,” he explains. “Or sometimes we’ll simply have a few leftover tickets or an extra ‘plus-one’ lying around that we don’t want to see go unused.”

Meyers says MyFreeConcert has been lucky to have exclusive giveaways for concerts with artists like Adele, Lady Gaga, Incubus and Coldplay, as well as for festivals like The Bamboozle and Northside Festival.

“A few lucky readers got into the crazy-exclusive Kanye West show this June,”
he adds.

MyFreeConcert also lists contests from other sites.

“We aggregate as many as we can find on our page, so that people don’t have to wade through 50 blogs a day,” Meyers says.

Meyers says some freebies even come from fellow readers who have an extra ticket or need to unload tickets to a concert they can’t attend.

“For us, it is very important to have a fun dialogue going when it comes to running these giveaways.”

While Meyers has tons of stories about great free or almost-free concerts he and the site’s readers have been able to enjoy in the past, he says there are so many more to look forward to. That includes Multiverse Playground Part III, taking place this Saturday, September 17, which features art, music and stand-up comedy. And while not quite free (admission is only $8), expect complimentary Pabst Blue Ribbon, hot dogs courtesy of Crif Dogs and vitaminwater. And look to MyFreeConcert for the best free or cheap CMJ events this October.


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