OK, I Thought I Could at Least Make a Buck

I’m a lunatic. But I am also about to prove the point I made in my last post. And I promise this is my last post about Missoni for Target. I’m currently in Boston, a city I LOVE! And my dearest friend, Maria, and I took a trip back down memory lane to our alma mater, Brandeis University, and reaffirmed why we are friends. A leisurely drive from Jamaica Plain, through the Fens to Back Bay, then Cambridge–I had an itinerary in mind to get to Waltham that included a visit to the Target (I believe formerly Ann & Hope) in Watertown, a town where I once worked at a Super 8 during college as a front desk clerk (yes, I certainly paid my dues).

I admit (even though my stepmother is reading this), I planned my trip to Boston with stops at Target locations along the way that had some sort of Missoni stock. I bought and then returned a black-and-white chevron travel tote because that style wasn’t selling on eBay (it had no practical use for me). And what my friend and I discovered in that Target in Watertown was that items not selling on eBay are being returned. (We were just a mile down the road from Harvard Business School–could students there be thinking the same?) And it seems to be mostly black-and-white–colored items, including the space-dyed polo dress and black-and-white strappy knit dress. Amazingly, there was a lot of bedding available, more chipped picture frames and…. tons of heels (above and right). My friend Maria is Italian and is quite picky about quality (as we all should be!). While our eyes became wide when we saw all the sizes available–and the thought that we could buy one pair each for ourselves and buy one pair to sell on
eBay–our excitement was quickly dashed. First, the shoes also aren’t selling on eBay. But probably, and more importantly, (this is where I prove the point I made in my last post) the dyes were running. You can see the ivory-colored chevron in the photos are marred with black dye. And our hands were stained after handling them.

I read on Racked.com that a fellow blogger said Missoni would devalue its brand by doing this collaboration, and I now agree. But if you still desire a piece, start loving the black-and-white prints and look for those items on eBay (many of them are selling for below retail), accept running dyes on your shoes (and who knows what other pieces) and watch for returns of some of these styles. I bet, like most of the other designer collaborations with Target, you will find many items on the 30% off sale rack in the coming months.

Note: Later this week, I will completely veer off this subject as I check out the bike-sharing program in Boston that will soon be coming to the streets of New York–and it is a bargain!




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