A Deal with a Mouse

I’ve been meaning to post about a wonderful deal from a talented guy. Sam Wilson of With a Mouse Design, who I’ve known for years, is offering 20 percent off custom design work. While it may be a little late for holiday cards, it’s never too late to get a head start on next year or still get invites to your New Year’s eve party. And with the new year approaching, if you need anything related to your business, including cards, media kits, logo design, advertisements…. why wait for next year to get those tax deductions!

Sam has done work for companies like Nike, Target, Sony and American Express, so you can be sure you will get the best work possible. See some of what he’s done by visiting WithAMouseDesign.com. Just “Like” With a Mouse Design on Facebook by clicking here and mentioning the promotion. The work must also be completed by December 31, so no procrastination!




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I’m a journalist who likes to live well, but will never pay full price. In this new world of the Groupon et al., how can we get a bargain on the things we actually use? That is where I come in. I’m a single girl on a budget with a penchant for fashion, good food, and travel who likes to take care of herself in the process. So, I decided to blog about the everyday ways I save money while still living pretty well. Hopefully it can help you live life fully without paying full price!

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