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Ok, I’ll Jump on the Jason Wu Bandwagon

11 Jan

I reported and was excited to hear that Jason Wu would be the next designer collab with Target. And because I was busy with my day job Tuesday, I defer to the lookbook on one of my favorite sites, as always, Racked. The clothes and bags look great and I love that everything is under $60 (one of my favorite and affordable outfits I’ve pictured here). But thanks to Pulsed, I have something you can use now. I’m not usually a coupon person, but what the heck. Jamba Juice is offering select 12 oz. and 16 oz. smoothies for $1 and $2 (plus tax) through January 19.

Meanwhile, Target currently has the Bullseye Bodega (if a real bodega had what Target has stocked, it would be a Costco). It’s not the same as the pop-ups that the retailer set up throughout New York City some time back. What it is: multipacks of everything, supersized shampoos, etc…. You get the idea. So if you don’t belong to a warehouse club, hit Target now. I even saw some infant items and kitchenware as well.




All Wrapped Up

21 Dec

So you’ve bought your Christmas or Hanukkah gifts and now you have to wrap them–or you’re still waiting to shop last-minute. If the stores where you shopped or plan to shop don’t have free gift-wrapping, don’t buy wrapping paper or bows or even tape at a Hallmark store–even Target or Walmart. This is an area where you can–and should–save money. If you haven’t been to a Dollar Tree, now is the time to go.

If you are inept at wrapping, they have tons of gift bags, packs of tissue
paper or shredded paper filler and even pre-decorated gift boxes. But if you can wrap, there are 10-yard rolls of paper (they aren’t all ugly or tacky), plenty of tape, gift tags, stickers (in packs of no less than 30), cards, tape-on bows and regular spools of ribbon. And not only are they all a dollar, sometimes they’re two or three or even four for a dollar.

What popped into my mind when I went was, if you’re really tight on money, why not give homemade baked goods? And Dollar Tree has tins and decorated cellophane bags that are perfect for that.

And if you haven’t gotten those stockings hung or decorated a tree, they have a variety of sizes in stockings and plenty of ornaments.

The only negative is the service. But you get what you pay for. I think it’s worth trading good customer service for the value. And don’t just consider going around the holidays; they have wrapping paper and cards for all occasions and even party supplies, including balloons. Again, everything is a dollar or less. You can’t beat that!


Locate a Sale…. From Anywhere!

27 Oct


When the Valhalla, New York-based father-and-son team of Michael and Udi Falkson came up with the idea for their amazing site,, they felt there simply wasn’t one place to find the type of sales you would have to wait to see in a Sunday paper circular. Thus, was born.

“Instead of visiting hundreds of retailer sites or scouring newspaper ads, circulars, direct mail,” says Michael Falkson, “shoppers can visit one resource, SaleLocator, online or via a mobile app, that brings this information together in one location.”

The site lists more than 275,000 retail and online sales per day for about 1,000 stores, many big-box and chain retailers. It’s extremely simple: The site detects where you are geographically (or you can search in other locations). Then users can shop by category or even search for something specific. You never know what will be on sale.

You’re probably wondering how they are able to get all this information. An Internet veteran, Udi Falkson helped develop Yahoo! Answers, so the Falkson’s site use a special computer program that communicates with retailers. But Michael Falkson also says some dedicated human research is involved.

As more big-box stores open in New York City (whether you are for or against it), can help you find deals at all of them. But, according to Falkson, they also show sales at smaller stores (Godiva, for one), even supermarkets and drugstores. And you can organize your shopping by saving searches, setting up alerts and making lists either through the app or on the site.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Just in case you plan on getting out to shop later, today (for example) lists the specific items of men’s outerwear on sale—along with their prices—at the H&M on East 86th Street. You’ll also find details on specifc drapes, rugs and furniture on sale at the Pottery Barn on Second Avenue between East 75th and 76th Streets.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       For more information, visit      

Bringing Home the Bread

17 Aug

I feel like I’m about to disappoint you after the excitement of the last few days: the prospect of a free haircut from celebrity stylist Ted Gibson’s salon, my TV appearance. But I could not contain my excitement (although I did because I was in public) when I came across a product in Trader Joe’s I’ve been waiting for the store to produce! I’m talking about sandwich flats–deli flats or sandwich thins, depending on the brand. Trader Joe’s Slim Sandwich Bread, in my opinion, is exactly the same as Arnold Select Sandwich Thins. And the price, at least in my neighborhood, is the same: $2.49. The multigrain versions each contain eight servings that include 1 gram of fat, 100 calories and 5 grams of fiber. The Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats are closer to $3, so I won’t even compare them. For someone like me, who will drive to another store to buy this product because I watch my diet and I like to save money by bringing a sandwich to work or by making an egg white-omelet sandwich in the morning (when I don’t grab a Dunkin’ Donuts egg white Wake-Up Wrap), this is big. Now, I’ll also save gas and time, in addition to calories! I haven’t yet fully delved into grocery shopping here, but I will say, sometimes Trader Joe’s prices can be deceiving; that is, you think you are getting something for less than the supermarket price, but oftentimes TJ’s items literally contain less product as well. More on that in a future post. Anyway, just an FYI to diet-conscious and thrifty out there.

The Accidental Bargain

26 Jul

I think I’m just getting lucky these days. It seems I am saving money all over the place. My 100 calorie sandwich flats were on sale today at Target, reduced from $2.44 to $2.24. I made money at Jamba Juice the other day. They didn’t tell me when I ordered that they were out of the milk-and-Splenda mix for the Strawberry Nirvana. I went to pay at the checkout line (this Jamba Juice is in a Whole Foods). When I returned, that’s when one member of the staff told me they couldn’t make it. They made some other concoction (with more calories than I wanted). Then I walked over to customer service and told them what happened. I didn’t have the receipt because you have to give it up to prove you paid when you receive the drink. So the woman gave me $4 and change. I said I paid less than that, but she told me to just keep it for the trouble. Ask and you shall receive! That should really be the tagline of this blog. But I digress.

Some time ago I started receiving invitations to free movie screenings–for movies that have yet to be released. I haven’t participated (I think I can’t because I’m in the media industry), but maybe some of you can. I must have bought tickets at at some point. And its CEO Joel Cohen tells me that the screening program is part of being a member. However, there is a very small catch.

“The screenings are free of charge, but they are often research screenings,” says Cohen. “So, if you decide to attend a screening, you are sometimes asked to complete a brief survey giving your opinions on the movie you just saw.”

But you could have a say in the final product when it is released, according
to Cohen.

“During the screening, the attendees sometimes have opportunities to share opinions on many aspects of the movie, such as alternate endings, character development and special effects,” he says.

If this interests you, visit and register for free. The screenings I’ve been invited to have been Wednesday nights in various location. They are not nationwide just yet, but are in the New York metropolitan area.